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About Cogimatics


Cognimatics is a global leader in Intelligent Video and Image Analysis. With its TrueView® product suite the company has a long and strong track record in innovative imaging products for Intelligent Retail Surveillance for example in people and customer counting. Many of the most successful retail chains in the world use Cognimatics’ products to improve their performance and enhance the customer experience.


Cognimatics had sales to over 70 countries in 2014 via its global distributor and system integrator network. Founded in 2003, Cognimatics is a privately owned Swedish company, with a team of world leading researchers from the field of Video Analytics. Cognimatics technology rests on a sound scientific foundation and is often praised for its accuracy. TrueView® is a registered trademark of Cognimatics.


Cognimatics provides answers and insights to bric and mortar locations and other physical locations, much in the same way that various web analytics services do for e-commerce. Automatic customer behavior analysis give retailers access to additional critical data about their customers such as how many are visiting the store and when, where do they go in the store, what gender or age are predominant, what do they look at in the store, and more. This information is crucial for optimizing the store performance and to attract, engage and retain vistors.


Cognimatics' TrueView® product suite is a range of turnkey solutions for automatic customer behavior analysis with unparalleled performance and ease of use. TrueView®  offers complete solutions for  retail and are built on the latest research in intelligent video. The products runs either fully embedded in standard network cameras.


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