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Panasonic Unified Communications

Panasonic KX-NS700


Hybrid PBX Unified Communications platform, with rich IP functionality, wireless connectivity, mobile integration and Communication Assistant (CA)

  • Smart Hybrid system

  • Call Center capability

  • IP Networking

  • 6-288 extensions


Smart Hybrid system for future-proof IP communications


The system has sufficient capacity for legacy and IP ports, and Expansion Cabinets can be used to expand the system when you want. It can even connect to the Panasonic KX-NS1000 system to create a small, medium and enterprise solution.

Call Center solutions for enhanced customer support


The KX-NS700 can support the needs of supervisors in call centers, such as queue announcements, live status monitoring, activity reports, automatic conversation recording and Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Advanced rich features for truly unified communcations


The system starts from 6 extensions, up to 288 extensions with Expansion units. It is also a unified communications system which has rich IP features, such as mobile linking, integrated voicemail and e-mail, instant messaging, and presence information.

Simplified installation and easy maintenance



The installer can easily program everything related to functions such as PBX and VM, thanks to a built-in web server. Pregramming can even be carried out remotely.

Proven solutions for a wide range of industries



The KX-NS700 is ideal for a wide range of industries such as Hospitality, Healthcare and Professional Services.

Expandible and compatible with existing phone hardware


The system is expandable with optional cards and expansion cabinets. You can continue to use existing Panasonic Digital Proprietary Phones, Panasonic Analog Proprietary Phones and Single Line Telephones.

IP networking for inproved efficiency and reduced cost


You're able to construct a hybrid system that combines IP and legacy lines, and can connect to IP phones in a remote office, further reducing your costs. VoIP capabilities mean you can talk to remote offices without incurring telephone charges.

The Hybrid PBX system that can grow as you do



Designed specifically for small or medium-sized businesses looking to take advantage of Panasonic's reputation for quality technology. The KX-NS700 unified communications solution is a small system with the ability to manage big future growth.

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